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Side Quest 1: Avatar

This is a picture of my cat named Mica. The source of the image in the gallery on my cell phone.

The reason behind choosing this image as my avatar for this website is simply because I am a huge cat person and I love my cats so much that words can’t even properly express the feeling. All three of them were adopted at three different time points, and since then, they became a huge part of my life.

The second I finished reading this assignment, I targeted my potential candidate at my three babies. After evaluation, I picked Mica to be the one. Mica is an eighteen-month old girl and was the first one to become a part of my family (she was only a two-month old kitten by then). Over the course of the past sixteen months, I gradually realized that Mica and I had many similarities in our personality and behaviors: we are both nervous about entering a new environment while can’t hide the curiosity; we are both shy and quiet in front of strangers, but still try to show friendliness and make new friends; Mica is the only girl out of the three, and I grew up hanging out with mostly guys as well. We have been each other’s best buddy, and I see reflections of myself on this sweet girl, which is also why she is my bias amongst the three and I try spending the most time with her whenever I’m home. Mica not only is the sweetest, cutest creature in my life, but also represents a big part of me–my passion, love, interest, personality– as an individual, I see no better choice for my avatar than her.

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