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Super Mediocre

Here is a display of pretty much everything I have in my bag everyday. Believe it or not, I tried to be interesting and creative with it, but at the end of the day I still chose to go with what I actually have in my bag because why not.

As you can see, what I have in my bag are super common, or using my commentary, super mediocre. I will be explaining each item in the form of bullet points, which is, again, kind of mediocre.

  • Pink Wallet: storage for all sorts of cards (ID, debit card, Costco card, etc) and barely any paper currency.
  • Hello Kitty pocket: all quarters. I like having my quarters separated from other coins because I believe in the higher social status of quarters.
  • Pencil pouch: storage for basic writing utensils. The tiny black plush hanging from the zipper is a visual representation of my favorite cat, Mica.
  • Laptop: MacBook. I carry them around hoping that I can do work while waiting for incoming events such as lecture courses, but the reality is that I use them to watch YouTube videos during the wait.
  • Charger: for my laptop, in case it runs out of battery while I work (or watch YouTube videos).
  • Graphing calculator: I don’t even know why it’s there, I am not taking math or physics.
  • Ear buds: two sets, one for my laptop and one for my phone. I can’t afford AirPods.
  • Notebook: Nothing much, just a mediocre notebook.
  • Glasses case: storage for my glasses because I have poor eye sight.
  • Glass cleaning spray: I only use it once in a while. I suspect that it is expired.
  • Napkins: ensure sanitization.
  • Water Bottle: Hydrohomie. I believe in H2O–hydration is the key.
  • Umbrella: no one knows the weather in Georgia, including the weather forecast.

Reflection: Nothing really surprises me when I emptied my bag for this assignment except for that bottle of spray since it’s been nearly five years and I’ve only used less than one tenth of the solution. When I look at the display of items, I think I’ve always have a clear understanding of what I have with me because they’re was almost no discrepancy between what I think was is my bag and what was actually in my bag. This assignment sort of reflect myself as an individual because some of the items demonstrates my daily-life habit. What I hope was that I can have something interesting, or at least unique to me that I carry around in my bag all the time.

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