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Side Quest 3: Gone Home Live Blog

8:46 pm : I am impressed by how much details this game is offering, even including rotating the object.

9:41 pm: We ran all the way from LSM to Woodruff Library in hope to use their PC to play this game for better experience; sadly we were unable to download the software because the librarians weren’t there, and we had to walk all the way back. We also bought coffee on the way, that’s where the hour was wasted.

9:49 pm: The sound of storm, food steps, and the flashing light in the living room are kind of scary.

9: 51 pm: We both got scared by the dark hall (Kathy was literally screaming)

9:58 pm: The note for the first day of class indicates that the narrator lacks positive attitude. The narrator also states that people are calling her “the Psycho House Girl”, so I guess there’s something wrong with the house? I’m starting to worry…

10:10 pm: Seems like dad is obsessed with the death of JFK

10:20 pm: We found a book about understanding teens in dad’s study, maybe there are problems between Sam and her parents?

10:26 pm: Based on the note that Tommy gives Sam, Sam is low key getting bullied for the “psycho trait” in her family.

10:30 pm: Dad knows about Sam’s issue with her peers at school. That explains the book about teens in his study.

10:44 pm: Seems like dad is having trouble publishing and selling his book.

1:04 am: (I’ve been away from a couple hours but here we go again.) The note that Sam left on the board for her parents is an indication of her as a rebellious child who wants to be independent. I have a feeling that her going to the city alone might be the cause of whatever is going on in the story. Also, is there a special thing going on between Sam and Lonnie? Hmmm….

1:08 am: A lot of the stories that she writes–I am confused about if they are relevant to the story or not, since they seemed really bizarre.

1:12 am: English Creative Writing Track! Now I see the connection. Also the option of putting the item back or just throw them anywhere on the ground is an interesting mechanism of this game.

1:15 am: Ditching a big dinner that mom takes several cooking class to prepare for you for a inappropriate violent movie? Big no-no! Also it’s interesting that on one of the note the parent told Sam to stop leaving the lights on, which is what I–I’m pretty sure the other players, too–have been doing.

1:26 am: The secret pathway truly made me nervous. Also the first POV type of play is making me dizzy. I should continue this tomorrow (stop at 1:34 am).

10:58 am: I have a feeling that the relationship going on between Sam and Lonnie can trigger something…How should I word this…upsetting and depressing?

11:18 am: So I’m guessing that Sam purposely get into trouble because Lonnie got into trouble, which intensified the relationship between Sam and her parents that will lead to something devastated. Well, not worth it Sam.

11:29 am: Kaitlyn is probably the “perfect sibling”, always optimistic and getting good grades and trophies, which might add pressure onto Sam since Sam gets in trouble at school and doesn’t have straight A’s.

11:38 am: The narrator is getting more and more depressed as the exploration goes, and I can totally feel the sadness. I have a bold guess that something happens that caused her to lose her memory and now she’s back into the house to find out what happened?

11:44 am: Well the ending was unexpected. I realized that I was wrong all the way through thinking I am representing Sam; turn out I’m just “someone” who’s exploring what happened to her. Also I thought something traumatic happened to Sam and Lonnie, but turned out that was not the case. Also a lot of the objects that I explored were irrelevant to the main plot such as the Ouija Board and Haunted Oscar and the “Psycho Trait”. To be very honest, I am kind of disappointed at the ending of this game. I thought it could be better if I am actually representing Sam, and I’m back to this house to retrieve my memory because while I was on my way to find Lonnie, something traumatic happened to both of us, and consequently happened to my parents since they went out to find me…You get the idea. Overall, good experience, but unexpected ending.

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