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Fluffy Sweetness

This combo image was inspired by the dessert-scented body lotion I purchased yesterday, the sweet, delicious fragrance in the air pushed me to make this assignment dessert-related. Being a baker myself. one of my favorite things to bake is cupcake, and my favorite part of making cupcakes is decorating them, therefore, after choosing cupcake as my base image, I was trying to come up with an idea for the “frosting”. I thought using cloud was a perfect idea because we always make the analogy comparing cloud and cotton candy because of their fluffy, pillowy textures and appearances. To make it more attractive and dream like, I chose a castle-shaped cloud to be the frosting. This combo photo reminds me of my childhood fantasy when I sat on the grass and looked at the clouds, and I hope you like it, too.

The most difficult part of this assignment for me was to find two pictures with very similar background tone so that they wouldn’t look too “separated” when I combine them; other than that, there was no major obstacles.

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