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Big Sunday Breakfast NO-NO

(This is theoretically not a sketch–I used paint because I thought it works better for creating a sky–I hope it’s not breaking the rule)

My inspiration of this assignment came from the breakfast I had this morning. I tried the neon-looking pickled radish on the plate alone with the rest of my breakfast items and I ABSOLUTELY hated it (I’ve had it for dinner and it was fine). I wanted my “Sunday Sketch” to be related to this slice of pickled-radish because it symbolized a terrible start of my Sunday. My initial thought was to paint an ordinary sky with the radish on top representing the sun, but then I had a better idea: painting a night sky and let the radish represents the moon, which symbolizes nighttime/dinner, instead of the sun, which symbolizes daytime/breakfast. The message I was trying to deliver here is that pickled radish tastes better when being eaten at dinner, but definitely not breakfast.

I had a lot of fun with coming up with this idea and during the process of creating the background. The only thing I am worrying about is that the item I’m trying to incorporate into the drawing being too simple and boring because it is supposed to be the star of the show and harmonizes with the sketch.

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