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“Art requires a certain…cruelty”

I chose to print the mask of a character from the game League of Legends, the virtuoso, Jhin. Ever since this champion came out, he immediately became my favorite champion of all; everything about him was irresistibly attractive to me –the mysterious background, the unseen face hiding behind the emotionless mask, and, the best of all, those eyes in the dark that shine wildness and chaos, actively searching for the next target.

Jhin is a talented musician, as well as a meticulous criminal, who believes murder is art. The title of this side quest is a quote from him that resembles his characteristic as someone who gains pleasure from delivering terror. Like some other villains from thriller movies and novels, Jhin is a perfect combination of charm and lunatic who create works of artistic brutality and terrifying victims. Jhin reminds me of the Jigsaw Killer and V from V for Vendetta because all of them have a mask that represents their identity. Personally, I love how the designer incorporated the idea of ‘mask’ into Jhin because the mask truly brings out the shadowy, dark elements of this champion, builds up Jhin’s identity as a “psychotic serial killer”, which is also why I immediately thought of his mask when doing this assignment.

There was no hardship in finding the sdl file of this 3D model. If there’s one obstacle I have to express, I would say the removal of the support underneath the mask, since the mask is thin and curved, I was worrying the whole time that I might break it. Gladly, it turned out fine. Also I was pleasantly surprised by all the refining details on the model, super cool!

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