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A Movie Night Out With Live Background Music

This home-tasking assignment was completed in a collaborative form by me and Kathy, since we live together, had similar thoughts for this assignment, and thought that we can produce a better result cooperatively than individually, while both putting in equal amount of effort. We both thought that movie night is a preferable and reasonable choice. We also decided to incorporate instruments at my house into this assignment, even though none of us are capable of playing them (why do I even have them?).

Greatly inspired by the Titanic emotional flute video , I decided to perform in a similar way. Sadly, even though I do not know how to play the instrument, I still could not mimic the effect that the original performer brings (I very much admire him), therefore, we just tried to add a twist to the performance and make it sound lively and relaxing. We practiced for one day, so the result is full of flaws (on my part), sorry for all the music majors out there.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family for taking out batteries from their remotes and clocks for the light strings, gathering all the candles and lamps in the house, and my cousin for his spectacular acting style as an audience with the virtual coke and popcorns. The link to the video is attached here, I hope you guys enjoy it.

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