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Monument Valley Podcast Assistant Producer Reflection

Here’s the link to this episode: Monument Valley

Genuinely speaking, I had more fun producing this episode than making my own episode. Since the game Monument Valley truly focuses on limited aspects, we were able to maximize our expressions and opinions on these topics, alone with some minor points, which makes all the ideas come together to form a complete episode.

I played this game the night before planning the podcast, therefore I was able to have vivid memories when doing the outline. I would say both playing the game and producing the podcast were fruitful experiences to me because I enjoyed playing the game for sure, and I also enjoyed analyzing it and elaborating the concepts and deeper meaning within the game. The part that I enjoyed the most was producing the background music for this podcast. We decided to use the original soundtrack from the game itself because we were both impressed by the style and quality of the soundtracks. I went through the collection, picked out seven soundtracks, edited them into small pieces, and combined everything at the end. I would definitely recommend all the soundtracks in this game, they are as beautiful as the game itself.

I hope everyone enjoys our episode, and check out the game and music yourself. I did not regret spending $5 for this wonderful experience.

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