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Budget “It: Chapter I” Intro

For this home tasking assignment, I decided to recreate the intro scene in one of my favorite horror movie, It. This scene left me with a deep impression: I enjoyed watching him interacting with the child, Georgie, and trying to please him while fooling him into the pitfall. Pennywise’s giggles and tone were oddly appealing to me.

The biggest obstacle with completing this assignment was trying to get my cat to corporate. Also, finding the right spot to mimic the tunnel was not easy, either. However, I enjoyed working on the makeup and filming part–they were a nice break after my two exams. Overall, I had so much fun completing this assignment, although my acting skill is awkwardly embarrassing, I enjoy how this turned out. Shout out to Kathy for filming the clips and my cat for participating.

Background music came from IT Soundtrack: You Will Float Too

(Hopefully nobody has clown phobia)

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