Final Reflection Letter

This is a reflection of the course ENG 101 at Emory University taught by David Morgan. Here is the link to the class website: The experience of taking ENG 101 section 9 has been a wonderful journey for me. As a student with English as my second language, I developed an averse and fearfulContinue reading “Final Reflection Letter”

Welcome To My Dessert Shop

I completed this side quest by turning ENG 101 sec#9 into a dessert store, and as a student myself, I listed the major tasks we completed in this course as forms of different types of dessert, and dissect them into different components, where each component represents my experiences of finishing these tasks, as well asContinue reading “Welcome To My Dessert Shop”

Budget “It: Chapter I” Intro

For this home tasking assignment, I decided to recreate the intro scene in one of my favorite horror movie, It. This scene left me with a deep impression: I enjoyed watching him interacting with the child, Georgie, and trying to please him while fooling him into the pitfall. Pennywise’s giggles and tone were oddly appealingContinue reading “Budget “It: Chapter I” Intro”

Monument Valley Podcast Assistant Producer Reflection

Here’s the link to this episode: Monument Valley Genuinely speaking, I had more fun producing this episode than making my own episode. Since the game Monument Valley truly focuses on limited aspects, we were able to maximize our expressions and opinions on these topics, alone with some minor points, which makes all the ideas comeContinue reading “Monument Valley Podcast Assistant Producer Reflection”

Double-Camouflaging Failed

I was pretty satisfied with how my camouflage idea turned out. Originally I thought about naming this assignment “Double-Camouflaging” since I did a face makeup to add some layers to this task; however, the effect of this effort was minimal, therefore I don’t think it qualifies to be a camouflage, but adding some extra littleContinue reading “Double-Camouflaging Failed”

A Movie Night Out With Live Background Music

This home-tasking assignment was completed in a collaborative form by me and Kathy, since we live together, had similar thoughts for this assignment, and thought that we can produce a better result cooperatively than individually, while both putting in equal amount of effort. We both thought that movie night is a preferable and reasonable choice.Continue reading “A Movie Night Out With Live Background Music”

“Art requires a certain…cruelty”

I chose to print the mask of a character from the game League of Legends, the virtuoso, Jhin. Ever since this champion came out, he immediately became my favorite champion of all; everything about him was irresistibly attractive to me –the mysterious background, the unseen face hiding behind the emotionless mask, and, the best ofContinue reading ““Art requires a certain…cruelty””

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