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Home Tasking

Physics Throw

Since the video is in 0.25 x slow motion, I hope everyone can spot the details in the mechanism of this “throw”. The whole process of this task based heavily on the concepts in physics, even though physics is my most hated science subject. The first part of the process used Domino effect using booksContinue reading “Physics Throw”

Double-Camouflaging Failed

I was pretty satisfied with how my camouflage idea turned out. Originally I thought about naming this assignment “Double-Camouflaging” since I did a face makeup to add some layers to this task; however, the effect of this effort was minimal, therefore I don’t think it qualifies to be a camouflage, but adding some extra littleContinue reading “Double-Camouflaging Failed”

Pooling Wanna-be

My kitchen counter was turned into a pooling table, with a cup as the basket, a frozen fish ball as the ball, and a chopstick, spatula, and a rolling pin that makes up a cue stick. Strawberries doesn’t mean anything. The kitchen counter is relatively tiny for me to come up with workable choices, especiallyContinue reading “Pooling Wanna-be”

Trouser Pull-up Failed

The inspiration of this idea came from the pull-up handles that my cousin installed on the walk way, which I was never able to reach. I thought using trousers to function as extensions to the handles can benefit the shorter human on the earth, but clearly I underestimated the power of gravity. Shout out toContinue reading “Trouser Pull-up Failed”

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